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The Power of Vulnerability – by Dr. Brene’ Brown

Vulnerability is not something we usually associate with being powerful.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Yet, it is indeed one of our greatest strengths as human beings.  It is where we connect the deepest with ourselves and others.  It perhaps is the core … Continue reading

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8 Subconscious Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day–And How To Avoid Them

“Whenever your opinions or beliefs are so intertwined with your self-image that you couldn’t pull them away without damaging your core concepts of self, you avoid situations that may cause harm to those beliefs.” –David McRaney This is fascinating! These tricks … Continue reading

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Embrace Your Goddess Within

Mary Costanza  A Woman’s Heart And Soul The Middle Aged Goddess What is a middle aged goddess?  She is a woman of integrity, she  is smart, witty, charming, and has an attitude, what you see is what you get. She lives … Continue reading

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Spiritual Being, Being Human

Saw this and thought, “Yup that pretty much sums up the human condition.” We are born, we age, we die.  No, we humans are not perfect.  We not suppose to be.  Yet we are perfect at our core, our soul, in our … Continue reading

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Winnie the Pooh’s Promise

Yes Christopher Robin, you are so correct, we human’s are way braver than we believe, much stronger than we seem, and infinitely smarter than we think.  We simply have to get out of our own way, not think too much about it and … Continue reading

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its about time

Its been  a long time since I last blogged.  Two and half years to be exact.  Yikes!  Yet another reminder that time is indeed the most precious and priceless resource we have because it truly is not renewable.  Once a moment … Continue reading

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Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics…We Are More

As a Canadian watching the opening ceremonies to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, there was much to be proud of.  The term mosaic indeed seems apt in capturing Canada’s amazing breadth and depth of beauty and spirit within it geography, terrain, … Continue reading

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trust intention continuum

Recently a colleague wrote a blog post titled “What is Trust?” in attempting the answer the question if it”s ethical to gain people’s trust so as to promote yourself or businesses.  Not an easy question to answer that’s for sure.  He wisely … Continue reading

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Relationships are difficult.  If I could make them otherwise, I would prefer not to think, feel and engage in the ‘hard’ conversations that are guaranteed in them.  But I’ve played the avoid game for most my life and it really hasn’t worked so well.  The outcome was … Continue reading

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Time and Change and Free Won’t

Time and Change – both are constant and both result in stress in our lives. What to do, what to do??? Choice and exercising ‘free won’t’ can help…. Continue reading

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