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The Power of Vulnerability – by Dr. Brene’ Brown

Vulnerability is not something we usually associate with being powerful.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Yet, it is indeed one of our greatest strengths as human beings.  It is where we connect the deepest with ourselves and others.  It perhaps is the core … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Confident and Cocky

Originally posted on UXL Blog:
At first glance, confidence and arrogance share many of the same trademarks: head held high, an ability to dive in and speak up, and a sense of pride in accomplishments. Upon deeper examination, however, arrogance and confidence…

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Insane Genius

Why Are Genius and Madness Connected? | Creativity and Mental Illness | LiveScience. When one thinks of it, it makes sense that genius and madness are connected – different sides of the same coin.  How else could such genius of … Continue reading

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1+1 = 3

Are men and women really so different?  Or is it that the genders complement each other and greater together than each gender would be on their own? It during a debate with a male friend about which gender is better, men … Continue reading

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Its doesn’t matter who or what a person declares themselves to be as long as their talk – what they say – and their walk – what they do are congruent.  In the blog Transparency is more expedient than Lying, author, Dr. … Continue reading

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its about time

Its been  a long time since I last blogged.  Two and half years to be exact.  Yikes!  Yet another reminder that time is indeed the most precious and priceless resource we have because it truly is not renewable.  Once a moment … Continue reading

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trust intention continuum

Recently a colleague wrote a blog post titled “What is Trust?” in attempting the answer the question if it”s ethical to gain people’s trust so as to promote yourself or businesses.  Not an easy question to answer that’s for sure.  He wisely … Continue reading

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As usual, I woke this morning reflecting on recent events in my life and what I have learned as a result.  Today’s theme was around change and personal growth.  I found myself asking those age old often rhetorical questions… What exactly goes on during change?  Why is … Continue reading

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