To say change is difficult is an understatement.  Whether it’s personal, professional or organizational, change is never easy even when desired.  To break out from our comfort zone,  some sort of catalyst is required, whether it is personally motivated or driven by some world event or both.   Personally, our lives are a continual sequence of changes that we experience and adapt to; birth, childhood, education, career, marriage, raising a family, divorce, illness and death.  At the same time, we live within a continually shifting world; financial growth and decline, rise and fall of governments, evolving social and human rights beliefs and values, huge advances in technology and medicine, environmental awareness, all drive change individually and system-wide.

Regardless of the cause, change feels like our comfortable world has suddenly turned upside down, filled with uncertainty and fear.  While the natural urge is to resist, the only true way is through it.  Surrender and let go with as much courage, serenity and wisdom we can muster at the time, with faith that all will be well.    While I may have a Bachelors and a Master’s degree, combined with professional success, its 50 years of experience at the “School of Hard Knocks” that have been the best teacher to come to a new place of peace and enjoying the abundance in life.   It’s not easy, nor is it the same path or formula for everyone to find their purpose and live it with all their passion   A vital ingredient however is connection, conversation, and collaboration with others.    To date, I’ve had the privilege and honour to work with a variety of clients across different industries and sectors, for profit and non-profit, from small start-ups to large established multi-national companies.    In the end, I’ve learned as much, if not more, than the people I’ve worked with and for, about change and enjoying the journey to whatever is yet to be the destination.


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  1. Linda Maul says:

    Good Morning Terry,

    …and welcome to Edmonton and to the Edmonton Association of Professional Coaches. I just read you had accepted a position here and we would love to see you out at our meetings and particularly to have your wisdom amongst us.

    Our next meeting is noon on Sept. 28th; see more at

    Linda Maul
    President, EAPC

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