Insane Genius

Van Gogh, Insanely Genius

Why Are Genius and Madness Connected? | Creativity and Mental Illness | LiveScience.

When one thinks of it, it makes sense that genius and madness are connected – different sides of the same coin.  How else could such genius of the likes of one-eared artist Van Gogh, mathematician Pythagoras, renowned artist of the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo, physicist and engineer Nikola Tesla, and more, who were able to bring to life such wonders from the power of their mind.

As science discovers more and more about the human brain, how is functions, how it does what it does, in the blink of an eye, the wonders of it become that much more amazing.  While some believe outer space and the universe, or the depths of earth’s seas, or our earth itself, are the where the most amazing discoveries are to be found, I believe the dense compact greyish mass of nerves called our brain is where breakthroughs and answers beyond our wildest imagination lie.  That’s just me though.  To each their own.  🙂

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