Spiritual Being, Being Human

Saw this and thought, “Yup that pretty much sums up the human condition.”

We are born, we age, we die.  No, we humans are not perfect.  We not suppose to be.  Yet we are perfect at our core, our soul, in our imperfection.  Our physical body purpose is to reflect our soul.  It’s a physical means for our divine spirit, our soul, to express itself, learn what it needs to…or not, and then pass back to the realm from which it came.  We are not our body, rather our body is us, our spirit, our soul.  It is our soul that gives the body life making it a person.  The soul adds perspective, depth, colour, tone, richness, meaning and purpose to our existence.

Never was this so clear then viewing my beloved Mother after she had passed away last Saturday, August 24th 2013.  Her indomitable spirit, a rainbow of vitality and brilliance that once shone warm and bright, now only a cold greyish shell, a surreal wax like impression of who she was.  While it is important to honour the body that served the spirit so well for its time on earth, I found it necessary, even comforting, to detach emotionally from the notion that this lifeless body I see before me is my loved one.  For by doing so, my soul was free to feel the warmth and loving energy of my dearly departed’s spirit near, comforting me with the knowledge they are home again, in peace and joy.

Tears streaming down my face, I wailed, missing her terribly, my heart aching, yearning to feel her warm touch I savoured only 12 hours earlier.  Yet my soul felt the warmth of her energy, her spirit, nearby and softly whispered, “calm yourself, feel, listen, for she is here and she is in peace, happy to be reunited with Dad, her soul mate, and other loved ones long passed.”  As my tears lessened, my heart slowed, my breathing eased.   I allowed myself to feel her warmth wrap around me like a heated blanket.  An image popped into my head; my Mother, side by side with my Father, embracing each other, framed by a soft, pure white light , beaming joyfully with love.   Feeling the peace and joy the image provoked, I felt her words more than hearing them, conveyed with a smile, intended for my sister and I, “You did good girls, real good. Thank you. Love you.”

Were these words my own wishful thinking?  Or was my Mother truly communicating with me?  I can’t say for sure one way or the other.  What I do know is that in our limited human condition, we don’t know what comes after life.  I believe we are not supposed to know.  The afterlife is intended to stay a mystery until it we are there.  Since it is a mystery, it is a personal choice to believe what we wish, based on our personal truth.  Being blessed with innumerable experiences that can only be explained by the divine,  I know to my core, my truth is that I am, as all humans are, a spiritual being living a mortal life.  My purpose then here on earth, is to learn lessons that transcend this physical world to serve the spiritual, the divine.  As such, I choose love, joy, peace, grace.  I choose to believe and that makes it so…for me.  O:)

Just sayin’   🙂 ❤ :


About tether abundance

abundance tetherer, social advocate, bodacious blogger, jill of all trades, rebel businesswoman, ah-ha coach, caring friend, soul sister, blessed daughter, laughin', learnin' & lovin' along the thrilling roller coaster journey of my life. Personable and perceptive, I'm all about the abundance, the glass half full, I get jazzed about making a difference where I can together with other people. Like everyone, I've lived through the good, the bad and the ugly times, personally and professionally, that are inevitable in life's journey. Along the way, I've been fortunate to learn non-stop, get a BSc.and MBA, and had my fair share of success over 28 years working with a fascinating array of people in a diverse range of industries, sectors and organizations, from single person entrepreneurs to global Fortune 500 companies.
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