Things that make you go Hmmmmm….

Whether you believe or not that there is something beyond the physical reality of our five senses and matter is irrelevant.  Like life itself, it’s not the destination of what you believe that is important, but rather the journey along the way in forming the belief.   It’s the learning journey where without assumptions or preformed judgements, you choose to be open and present enough to allow your mind to focus, absorb, process and integrate the joy of new knowledge along the way.  Let go of all that you think you know and surrender to possibilities within things that make you go hmmmmm…..

Holographic Universe Part 1 of 5 its all illusion. – YouTube.

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About tether abundance

abundance tetherer, social advocate, bodacious blogger, jill of all trades, rebel businesswoman, ah-ha coach, caring friend, soul sister, blessed daughter, laughin', learnin' & lovin' along the thrilling roller coaster journey of my life. Personable and perceptive, I'm all about the abundance, the glass half full, I get jazzed about making a difference where I can together with other people. Like everyone, I've lived through the good, the bad and the ugly times, personally and professionally, that are inevitable in life's journey. Along the way, I've been fortunate to learn non-stop, get a BSc.and MBA, and had my fair share of success over 28 years working with a fascinating array of people in a diverse range of industries, sectors and organizations, from single person entrepreneurs to global Fortune 500 companies.
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