Sweet Surrender

858182_595875883773571_519471081_oSurrender literally means to stop fighting. Stop fighting with yourself. Stop fighting the universe and the natural flow of things. Stop resisting and pushing against reality.”
via Let Go of Control: How to Learn the Art of Surrender | Tiny Buddha.

Ahh…sweet surrender. The complete loving acceptance of ‘what is’ combined with the faith that all is and will be well.  Sounds easy to do, but in reality it’s very difficult.  We are designed to be alert and continually on the look out for possible danger.  Its our survival instinct to be so.  To surrender then, conflicts with our human instinct to control our surroundings and what happens to us.  Ironically, particularly in our modern world where the danger is not necessarily physical, being lunch for some large carnivorous predator, the dangers we are alert to and endeavor to control are largely mental and emotional, the complex quagmire of societal, cultural, political, professional and personal dynamics.  Adding to already chaotic circumstances is the 24/7 non-stop flow of information to process,  coming at us from countless forms of media telling us what we should think and want, and who we should be.  That’s a lot of ‘shoulding’ and its stressful, thereby continually turning on our natural danger alert system and never-ending attempts to control things. Paradoxically, the more we attempt to control things, “micro-managing and obsessing over details,” the less we actually feel in control.  When this occurs, the more we try to grab control, spinning and spiralling around, getting in our own way, getting no where fast, except for driving ourselves crazy.

If reading this has caused to feel stressed, finding yourself  hyperventilating, and your heart pounding in your chest, take a moment to calm yourself.  Breath in slowly through your nose, deep into your tummy, hold for a second and slowly exhale through your mouth, feeling the tension release with your breath.  This is the first baby step to surrendering – allowing yourself to simply be, aware of your body, what its feeling, and the power to bring yourself to calm in the midst of your own personal inner storm caused by your thoughts alone.

There is the awesomeness of the power within our minds to accept and surrender to ‘what is.’  We have the ability to counteract our inborn nature of being on guard for danger and attempting to control the external world by going within to our internal world.  We have the power of choice within us to surrender – to lovingly allow ourselves serenity to accept completely what is happening externally simply ‘is’ and we cannot control or change it.  We have the power of courage within to control and change only ourselves in how we respond, to let go.  And we have been granted the grace of wisdom to know the difference and the grace of faith all will be well.

Ahhh…sweet surrender…surrender is sweet.


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