Proof From Neuroscience That Bad Leadership is Really BAD! :: Strategic Leadership Institute


Great article…good review of the SCARF model…”…framework of five factors that activates a reward or threat response in our brains during social situations.

Status – our relative importance to others
Certainty – being able to predict the future
Autonomy – a sense of control over events
Relatedness – a sense of safety with others
Fairness – perception of fair exchanges between people

“When a leader or manager behave in a way that humiliates employees, cause uncertainty about the future, feel they have lost control, become alienated from the group or feel they’re being treated unjustly, a (subconscious) ‘disengage-avoid’ reaction takes place in the brain. This can have a severely negative impact on coveted employee attributes such as job satisfaction, commitment, motivation and productivity. In fact, it can even impede creative thinking and the ability to perform difficult tasks. Rock refers to several neurological studies that showed “even subtle effects of this approach-avoid response can have a big impact on cognitive performance… Someone feeling threatened by a boss who is undermining their credibility is less likely to be able to solve complex problems and more likely to make mistakes.”

Proof From Neuroscience That Bad Leadership is Really BAD! :: Strategic Leadership Institute.


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