Pondering Chaos and Control

another one of those things that make you go hmmmmmm……

My friend and colleague, Dr. Nancy Love, recently posted on her blog about her experiences attending and speaking at the International Enneagram Association conference in Atlanta August 1-3, 2008.    Her observations and subsequent post was provocative in several ways.  For me, her observation about the similarity between the Enneagram Association and Mediator Societies endeavors for formal certification / accreditation struck a cord.   I have observed this very same phenonemon with other emerging professional practices involving human development; i.e. coaching; leadership development, change and organizational effectiveness practitioners; personal development practitioners, etc.

I find it intersting how as a new practice emerges, human nature is such that we seek to control and regulate it somehow.  Operating from the 6 type preference myself, I am all for standards and quality.   But also like a 6, I question the need for this -the how and why is it important.  And like Dr. Love, I ask who is the one deemed the authority to say who is or who isn’t qualified.   It is relatively easy to accredit professions with qualifiable and quantifiable functional skills such as typing so many words per minute or the procedure for flying an airplain.   But how do we do this with dynamic everchanging processes involving soft less tangible skills, problem solving, and intuition.   And paradoxically, the more controls put in place to supposedly deem someone worthy, the more it restricts the intuitive and sometimes chaotic attributes that gave birth to a new way of thinking and being in the first place.

It is similar to the huge amount of focus over many, many years to define and quantiy leadership.  And yet “Leadership is like beauty, hard to describe, but we know it when we see it.”  So holds true the puzzle of defining people skills overall,  hard to describe what it is about someone we enjoy and want to spend more time with, but we know it when we see it.   All very interesting…. stay tuned for more I am gain control of my chaotic ponderings enough to distill them down to more expressable thoughts….-)


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abundance tetherer, social advocate, bodacious blogger, jill of all trades, rebel businesswoman, ah-ha coach, caring friend, soul sister, blessed daughter, laughin', learnin' & lovin' along the thrilling roller coaster journey of my life. Personable and perceptive, I'm all about the abundance, the glass half full, I get jazzed about making a difference where I can together with other people. Like everyone, I've lived through the good, the bad and the ugly times, personally and professionally, that are inevitable in life's journey. Along the way, I've been fortunate to learn non-stop, get a BSc.and MBA, and had my fair share of success over 28 years working with a fascinating array of people in a diverse range of industries, sectors and organizations, from single person entrepreneurs to global Fortune 500 companies.
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