Post Script…Intuition or Reason?

Through a series of synchronous events, I happened across this article called ‘Right Brain Meets Left Brain: Applying Intuition to Business’ on The Banff Centre Leadership Development Library that is related and surprising aligned with my own thoughts on the topic of value of intuition.  In this article, Bill Overend succinctly outlines the growing evidence supporting not only the value of developing and using our intuition, but its necessity given the increasingly complex and fast paced nature of our world today.  The volume of available information coming at us everyday from multiple means and ways is growing exponentially.  The expectations for innovation and pressure to succeed are higher than ever before in our history.  These circumstances demand that engaging all of the power of our brain with our intuition playing a more important role and key success factor not less.  While the whole article is insightful, the heart of its message is how using intuition can help organizations today…

In his Harvard Business Review article “The Fall and Rise of Strategic Planning,” McGill’s Henry Mintzberg made a compelling case for the use of intuition in strategy development. Mintzberg believes use of intuition in “strategic thinking” can deliver more relevant results than lengthy analytical planning exercises, particularly in the synthesis of information.

Better hiring decisions, staff motivation, increasing sales, assessing partnerships, predicting industry trends, as well as gaining vital and valuable insight into yourself and your associates are all business benefits ascribed to intuition.

Particularly worth examining is intuition’s relationship with innovation. Incorporating aspects of intuition into organizational development may help avoid the pitfalls of “data paralysis” in corporate life – and encourage a culture of innovation and calculated risk taking. Writes Tesolin: “Organizations don’t innovate, people do … the future is all about unleashing innovation and invention capacity to dream and then create … move a concept from the unimaginable to the conceivable and finally to the created.” The “guesses,” hunches,” and “gut feelings” of intuition may well be what separates “the innovators from the managers that follow their leaders.”

I find this all quite interesting and affirming considering I have felt like a ‘duck out of water’ most of my life.  I have frequently experienced the inner conflict of my right-brained intuitive sense telling me thing while the largely left-brained linear-thinking world dismissed this as nonsense and demanding rationalfacts.  Finally…intuition is gaining the credibility it deserves as a valuable component of human thinking and being.  INTUITION ROCKS!


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